‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: The Pressure Is On In ‘The Great Divide’

Tuesday night brings a new episode of Dance Moms and there seem to be some very interesting things ahead in this one. Abby Lee Miller and the girls are back in Pittsburgh after their challenging stay in Los Angeles, and the pressure is on everybody. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the March 3 show?

The next new episode is titled “The Great Divide.” As previews via the show’s Facebook page show, the group dance is titled “The Domino Effect.” Miller is being very hard on the girls, at one point even saying that if the team can’t win in New Jersey, Maddie Ziegler is the only one who will go on to become a star.

As the girls rehearse, Abby considers that the group will probably face going into the teen division, a spot she doesn’t want, as she doesn’t think they can win. There is talk of pulling Kalani from the dance to lower the group’s average age so they can go into the junior division instead.

Dance Moms spoilers in the sneak peeks show that this brings up concerns and frustrations. While Kalani’s mom notes that this is her daughter’s favorite dance, she doesn’t seem willing to make a scene and push Abby to keep Kalani in the performance. The other moms push her to speak up, but all indications are that indeed Kalani sits this group performance out.

The show’s Wikia page shares Dance Moms spoilers that Kalani did not do the group dance for the judged performance, where “The Domino Effect” is said to take first place in the junior division. However, it seems that Kalani did get to do the dance in a second non-judged performance.

Other Dance Moms spoilers reveal that Nia’s solo did not place, while Kendall’s solo placed fifth in the teen division. However, Kendall did not place in the overalls. Kalani may have been left out of the judged group dance, but she had a solo and it went well. Kalani is believed to have snagged first place in both her teen division and the overall standings.

Sneak peeks from the show’s Facebook page also show that Nia’s song is featured in this episode. The girls start playing the song and Nia says that Aubrey O’Day was fantastic to work with. The girls talk about how supportive Aubrey was, which they note is essentially the opposite of Abby. Nia also says she wishes that Abby could be that supportive.

This season has shown quite a bit of tension between Holly and Nia versus Abby. A recent photo Nia shared on Instagram showed her in a fun mini-reunion with former Dance Moms stars, Paige Hyland and Chloe Lukasiak. That is all building some speculation that there could be another big departure from the show on the way, though at this point nothing has been confirmed.

Just how tense will things get for Abby Lee Miller, the girls, and the moms on this week’s show as they all readjust to Pittsburgh? The pressure is on and fans can’t wait to see it all play out. The Season 5, Episode 9 show of Dance Moms titled “The Great Divide” airs on Lifetime on Tuesday, March 3.

[Image via Kalani Hilliker’s Instagram]