Farrah Abraham Reveals: Does She Think Her Adult Film Was A Mistake?

After a hiatus and a stint into the adult entertainment industry, Farrah Abraham will be returning to Teen Mom. While her costars weren’t exactly thrilled at her return, some have come around and are now more open to Farrah being on the show. It seems that her adult film was one of the main reasons that her costars were upset with her return. While that is understandable, it has been some time since the release of the film, and now Farrah is revealing her views during that time in her life.

Farrah recently sat down with Cosmopolitan and revealed that she has been to counseling to talk about some of the mistakes that she has made. When the magazine asked if the adult film she made was a mistake, Farrah Abraham gave a pretty insightful answer.

“Very early on I thought that it was a big mistake. When I was younger I used to say that all these things were mistakes and I shouldn’t have done them, but then there’s the reality of life. So my therapist and advisors have helped me understand that some things are beyond who I was.”

Although she only filmed footage for one adult film, there was enough footage to create a sequel. Since then, Farrah has not gone back down the path of filming an adult movie, but she has remained a fixture in the adult entertainment industry. However, now she has released a line of adult toys, most recently a blow-up doll featuring her likeness.

Farrah has had a lot of rough patches in her life, perhaps most notably the father of her daughter passing away before the birth of their daughter. She has also had a tumultuous family life, but she continues to stick with therapy and counseling to help her through things.

“I’ve learned a lot from counseling and talking about the mistakes that I’ve made; I’ve understood why I made them. I’ve been around a lot of women who make similar mistakes as myself, and/or worse. Nothing I have ever done has made my future worse, my parents’ life worse, my daughter’s life worse. I don’t hurt people and I honestly intend to show others that if you get through the negativity, there is more money to be made and there is more of a successful life [to be lived]”

There is no doubt that Farrah Abraham is quite successful these days and she while she didn’t need to return to Teen Mom, she ultimately decided to for her daughter, Sophia. Some people have slammed Farrah for not spending enough time with her daughter, but she recently shared photos of her and her daughter on vacation. It looks like Farrah is enjoying some family time after being in New York for Teen Mom OG.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Catelynn Lowell has recently come to Farrah’s defense. She even spoke to Cosmopolitan and seemed to show support for her costar.

“The way I look at it is, things aren’t a mistake if you’re bettering yourself from the things you thought were mistakes.”

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV on March 23 and will include Farrah Abraham.

[Image: via Twitter]