Will Apple Build iPhone Virtual Reality Headsets Like Samsung Did For Galaxy S6?

Apple’s new iPhone, likely called the iPhone 6s, probably won’t be announced until September. However, many have speculated that Apple could be working on a virtual reality headset for their new iPhone. The International Business Times is one of the many outlets who are predicting that the iPhone 6s will have a virtual reality headset ready for its release.

“That Apple is dreaming of the VR experience to come with its iOS devices is no longer a secret, basing on the company’s recent moves such as the recruitment of software specialists in the field. This week, Apple’s VR thrust is being supported by active head-hunting that would bring in talents with hardware knowledge on the same subject.”

According to Christian Today, the Apple US Patent has the number 8,957,845 and is titled “Head-Mounted Display Apparatus for Retaining a Portable Electronic Device with Display.” The website also goes to explain that just because a virtual reality patent is filed, it doesn’t mean that it always turns into reality. Remember all those 3D patents Apple filed back in 2011? It’s quite possible Apple was developing a 3D iPhone, but backed down once the 3D craze went down.

Samsung just announced the Galaxy S6, which can be used with Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset. That has received some amazing reviews and many believe the Gear VR is really bringing virtual reality into the mainstream. The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed the Gear VR and liked the device.

“The experience itself is awesome. Once you put it on, your field of view is consumed by virtual menus that direct you to different apps and games. You control what you see based on where you point your head, and a touch panel on the right side of the device.”

As Engadget reports, the Gear VR headset for the Galaxy S6 is 15 percent smaller than the original for the Galaxy Note 4. They also point out that the updated Gear VR will have improved graphical performance since the Galaxy S6 has a more powerful chip. The next iPhone is expected to have an even more powerful chip than the Galaxy S6, so that would make it perfectly functional for virtual reality.

If Apple releases a virtual reality headset for the iPhone 6s, you can bet that it will make virtual reality mainstream. Apple has been known to take concepts others have created and make them marketable. Would you buy a virtual reality headset for the iPhone 6? Tell us in the comments section.

[Image Mockup: Daryl Deino]