Miley Cyrus Cracks Tailbone Wears Old Lady Jeans

Miley Cyrus can’t seem to catch a break lately. First she got caught in several braless pictures, then she got caught sucking on a penis cake now she managed to fracture her coccyx while attempting a flip in her Los Angeles living room.

Luckily those looking for more information need look no further than Twitter. Cyrus put it all over the web.

“Cracked my tailbone doing a front flip… onto the couch,” Miss Cyrus shared with fans. “Thats like when I tripped over a pillow and broke my arm. Only me.”

This also comes on the heel of her condemnation by the Culture and Media Institute for the whole penis cake fiasco.

The head of CMI said in a statement about Miley,

“Disgusting behavior like Cyrus’ may be a part of the ‘real world’ of Hollywood, where casual sex is celebrated and frequent divorce is almost a rite of passage. But it is not the real world, because in the real world, sleazy behaviour has consequences.”

Miley was totally defiant in her tweets though having this to say about the CMI,

“In my wildest dreams you always play my hero. In my darkest hours of the night you rescue me, you save my life. If you have love, you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.”

For a singer who is know for dealing with adversity we at least know she does it with a smile.

Do Miley Cyrus‘ antics make you like her more or less?