Buckingham Palace Naked Escapee Video Fake Or Evidence Of Elite Child Rape Conspiracy?

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s videos of naked people — especially if they happened to be nude while scrambling down the side of iconic buildings like Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace’s most famous naked escapee has gone viral with more than a million views since it was first posted late last week. Since then, there have been claims that the famed naked Buckingham man is indicative of government corruption. Some have even linked it to growing allegations that elite members of British politics have been involved in the rape of young children for several years.

But whether or not these allegations prove to be true, one blogger has gone through the trouble of analyzing the video frame-by-frame himself to see if Buckingham’s naked man ever really existed to begin with. Filmmaker Jon Rosling posted a spirited takedown of the video to his blog when he first began to notice discrepancies between the Buckingham Palace in the video and the one the that exists in real life.

Damn it. Really well made hoax. #naked man #BuckinghamPalace Good job Anders & @jonrosling http://t.co/Fl0gb4LrJ5 pic.twitter.com/rSx3mHO2i0

— ⭐️Marilyn⭐️ (@StarryTowers) March 2, 2015

In case that photo is overwhelming for you, Rosling’s attack of the naked Buckingham video’s veracity basically comes down to three key points. Firstly, the color of the stone on the palace is markedly different. Secondly, the layout of Buckingham’s facade itself is different. There is a much larger gap between the first-floor and second-floor windows, and the windows themselves have two panes and not three like in the real Buckingham Palace. Lastly, the Corinthian columns that decorate the wall in the video are not actually present on the part of the palace shown in the video, says Rosling.

“There *ARE* Corinthian decorations on the Mall-facing east front of the Palace, which was built in the 1840s. These are *NOT* present on the wings of the Palace, which were built around 1703.”

Rosling’s detailed fact checking has taken the wind out of the sails of many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the naked Buckingham man, but Jon himself also notes that he doesn’t want this to detract from investigations into many of the events that conspiracy theorists are linking it to.

“Just to confirm – I don’t dismiss the sexual abuses by the British Establishment, just some of the more outlandish accusations. Fevered minds tend to over egg what are genuine and very real issues. As some one who lives in Rotherham I am more than aware of the investigations into child sexual exploitation by politicians and the actions of those who seek to cover it up.”

Officially, the Buckingham naked man video hasn’t gotten much support either. Buckingham Palace is not releasing a statement on the issue, according to The Telegraph.

[Image via YouTube]