‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Relocates To L.A., Gives Up Farm Life For Fame — No Longer Wants Marriage And Babies?

Chris Soules worried throughout this season of the Bachelor that he wouldn’t be able to find a woman willing to move to the tiny town of Arlington, Iowa, but he may be trading in his vision of life on a farm with a wife and kids for a brand new life in L.A.

Is Chris picking fame over family life, or is he still serious about having a long and lasting relationship with his final pick?

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Chris will be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 20. Because the DWTS season premiere airs just one week after he hands out his final rose, it’s likely Chris is already working on his ballroom dance moves with his pro dance partner, Witney Carson.

Most celebrity dancers train right in L.A. — that means Chris has already relocated out to California and will remain there until he’s done with the show. Whether that’s two weeks in or several months depends on how well he does in the competition.

Chances are Witney (the pro dancer, not the girl rumored to be his final pick on the Bachelor) isn’t going to travel to Arlington, Iowa to rehearse with Chris — they don’t even have a restaurant in his town, never mind a place to practice the two-step.

Gossip Cop states that Chris may decide that he doesn’t want to return to Iowa — ever. Instead he may choose to soak up the fame in Los Angeles for as long as he can, like many former Bachelor stars try to do. Perhaps he had a change of heart about starting a family in a small town, especially when many of the women on the show — including finalist Becca Tilley — expressed their concern about living in a place that seems to have more cows than people.

Many of the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who go on the show to find love end up trying to find a life in showbiz instead once their season wraps up. Although most couples profess their love for each other at the final rose ceremony (Juan Pablo wasn’t one of them), it usually doesn’t take long for the show’s lead to get caught up in a whirlwind of negative rumors, break it off with their final pick, and continue their momentary fame.

According to Reality Steve, Chris Soules didn’t come on the Bachelor to find a wife, and his relationship with his final pick will not last, but that may be hard for fans to believe. After all, the handsome farmer made it clear throughout the season that the woman he chose would have to move to Iowa — marriage and kids also seemed to be part of his master plan.

For now, it looks like Chris will be living in L.A. for several weeks after the Bachelor season finale on March 9. Between post-Bachelor media events and his stint on Dancing with the Stars, it will be interesting to see how Chris’ new fiancée fits into his busy life as a television star.

Do you think Bachelor Chris Soules will give up farm life for fame?

[Image: ABC]