Kaitlyn Bristowe Preparing For ‘Bachelorette’ Gig As Mike Fleiss Claims No Decision Made?

While ABC has not yet announced their decision for The Bachelorette 2015 lead gig, all signs have been pointing to Kaitlyn Bristowe. She will appear on Chris Soules’ “Women Tell All” special Monday night for The Bachelor, but it looks like she’s also keeping busy preparing for what many believe is her next project. Reality Steve’s spoilers have said she’s going to hand out roses this spring, and now there seems to be another reason to believe that’s the case.

Filming for the Bachelorette 2015 season begins in a couple of weeks or so, but prep work always begins a bit before that. While typically an ABC photographer does a photo shoot with the lead for the new season, Kaitlyn Bristowe has just done some new headshots with a friend and photographer in Los Angeles. Kaitlyn shared one shot via her Instagram, and Reality Steve pointed out how it seems to look.

The photographer, Karolina Turek, shared a couple of the shots via her Instagram page. The pictures include Bristowe with plenty of rose petals and Turek herself teases that she hopes that Kaitlyn is The Bachelorette 2015 star. While, of course, the photos don’t confirm that Kaitlyn has signed on the dotted line, the photos and timing would certainly seem rather odd if she’s been passed over for fellow Bachelor castmate Britt Nilsson.

Some commenters online note that the shoot was for a different project of Bristowe’s, and that may well be the case as surely ABC would have their usual photographer do the official shoot, and the photos definitely wouldn’t be up on Instagram before the announcement is made. However, many would say the shot set-up and Kaitlyn’s exuberance would seem odd if she’s going to be watching someone else in the gig she said she’d be happy to tackle.

As is almost always the case, Mike Fleiss and others with the show are teasing via social media that they’re still trying to make a decision. Despite both Wetpaint and Reality Steve’s spoilers separately confirming that Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette 2015 star, Fleiss says that no decision has been made. Long-time fans know, however, that this is always the play those with the show make at this point in time and it isn’t necessarily truly the case.

It’s been indicated for some time now that the two frontrunners for this new season were Kaitlyn and Britt. Both will get plenty of camera time in Monday’s “Women Tell All” special, and it seems both will shed some tears.

However, Kaitlyn made her way to Good Morning America for what she said was her first time recently, as well. Some have mentioned that this is interesting wording, saying it’s her first time, as it seems she certainly expects to be back.

Even without the Bachelorette spoilers floating around, a look at the social media pages for the two would lead many to think that Kaitlyn definitely has landed herself the gig. If she’s not going to be handing out roses on ABC this spring, then she certainly has something else significant in the works. Britt, on the other hand, has been laying fairly low.

There are still many fans campaigning for Britt Nilsson to get the gig, and it’s unlikely that ABC will say anything formal until the March 9 finale and “After the Final Rose” special for Chris Soules’ The Bachelor 2015 season. However, the writing does seem to be on the wall that Kaitlyn Bristowe is indeed ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 star and it’s now just a matter of time before the network confirms it’s a done deal.

[Image via Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Instagram]