Phaedra Parks Jumps Up To Beat Down Kenya Moore, Cynthia Shows Her Two Faces In Altercation

Phaedra Parks came close to giving Kenya Moore the beat down of her life in tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Viewers got to see the altercation after Kenya Moore accused the saintly Phaedra of cheating on her husband, Apollo, with an African man named “Chocolate.”

In the end, Phaedra did not strike Kenya in the face with her purse as she had intended to do. Instead, Phaedra Parks walked out of the restaurant with Porsha Williams and Nene Leakes. Eventually, Kandi strutted behind them.

Kenya Moore felt vindicated and justified after accusing Phaedra to her face. She has held a grudge against Phaedra since last season over her Kenya “whore” comments. Kenya felt that it was unfair and hypocritical for Phaedra to call her a slut and a whore when she also exhibited loose morals by cheating on Apollo, an accusation that Phaedra vehemently denies.

Tonight’s episode marks the first time anyone has seen Phaedra come so close to losing her temper and physically putting her hands on another housewife.

The girls felt that Kandi was not being supported enough of Phaedra because she was slow to stop the fight and to escort them outside. Nene soaked up all of the drama and continued the conversation outside, until Kenya, Cynthia, and Claudia met up with them on the outside of the restaurant.

Fans were outraged by Cynthia’s two-facedness. Most believe that producers put her up to confronting Phaedra about the rumors, since she could barely form a sentence to get the words out. RHOA viewers are sick and tired of Cynthia and Peter’s meddling in the others’ relationships.

Phaedra said it best when she told Cynthia tonight to “tend to her own husband,” instead of worrying about hers. Last week, the altercation between Apollo and Phaedra created a tense episode as viewers got to see Apollo lose control when he learned that his wife was changing the locks.

The Phaedra-Kenya fight tonight stemmed from a conversation that Cynthia’s husband, Peter, had with Apollo, where he showed texts that he claims proves that Phaedra was having an affair. Many fans believe that the texts are fabricated, since Apollo recently admitted that he had lied about Kenya.

Here are some of the comments on Facebook.

“I’m not liking Cynthia right now”

“SOOOOOO…PHAKEdra can dish it out but she can’t take it when the script is flipped… Smh”

“It’s funny how a man who is serving 8 YEARS for FRAUD, the SAME man who admittedly LIED about Kenya offering him “some”…….is somehow NOW Mr. Truthful when accusing his wife of cheating on him with an African named Mr. Chocolate that apparently NO ONE in Atlanta has ever seen her with. (SMDH).”

“Cynthia why don’t you worry about your own marriage you know the guy you support and leave Phaedra alone”

“Oh my guuuuuuuuudness….Cynthia is a piece of toilet waste….”

“Messy Cynthia, were you comfortable with what you started.”

Guess Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers will have to tune it next week to see how the girls resolve the situation.