Trina: Rapper ‘Turns Up’ For Canada, Career’s Not Done

Trina, known for her trademark phrase “I’m the baddest b***h,” makes a comeback in an attempt to reclaim her title. Unlike Breezy — Chris Brown — she gets into Canada.

Everyone who listens to hip hop and rap knows of the name “Trina,” or at least they should. Before there was Nicki Minaj, there were a lot of other female rappers, and Trina is one of them. If you’re a guy-fan, you probably wanted to be with her. If you’re a woman-fan, you probably wanted to be like her.

Trina Songs - Will Be Performing A Show From Toronto Canada At The House of Lancaster III
Credits: Jemal Countess

Well, it seems that Trina’s not done yet. She has just released a new song called “Lean On Me” which features both T-Pain and Young Cash. Trina’s song seems to take a excerpt from Bill Withers’ 1972 version. Though it’s not the audio from his song, it is utilized in the same manner that Withers performed it.

While it’s still fresh, Trina’s fans seem to love the track and are constantly giving her feedback. As you are possibly aware, fans will let you know when a song is hot and when a song is not. Obviously, if you’re into hip hop and rap, this is worth a listen.

Trina Songs - Twitter Feedback From Fan
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Trina Songs - Twitter Feedback From Fan III
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Trina Songs - Twitter Feedback From Fan IV
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Possibly, she’ll perform the newbie at her show on March 2, 2015, in Toronto, Canada. As Trina’s Twitter page shows, she landed in the city on March 1, 2015.

After having landed, she also created and uploaded a video in which she invites everyone out to join her at the venue. Since then, the place seems live and ready to see her in concert at the House of Lancaster. In case you don’t know, this venue is actually a strip club. But hey, it’s a show, right?

Trina Songs - Will Be Performing A Show From Toronto Canada At The House of Lancaster II
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Like Trina, other rap artists and acts frequent the club, as can be seen from a simple search on Twitter.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be misconstrued that Trina had stopped creating music. On the contrary, she’s released several songs over the years and recent months. However, this seems to be one Trina’s chosen to go national.

Simultaneously, as this new song is released, she has also released four other tracks, which could be deemed equally as good as “Lean On Me.”

So what say you? Think Trina’s show in Toronto will go well on March 2? If you haven’t heard Trina’s new song and want to shot, feel free to give it a listen.

[Featured Image via Jemal Countess/Getty Images]