WWE News: TV Guide Says Finn Balor Is The Future Of The WWE

Finn Balor is the No. 1 contender for the NXT championship. He defeated Adrian Neville at WWE’s NXT Rival pay-per-view last month. Balor and Neville wrestled admirably in a 5-star match that left the crowd wanting more. Balor will face Kevin Owens, current-NXT champion, at a later date. For now, Balor is winning over the crowd, without executing an incredible promo.

Balor lets his natural charisma and in-ring ability to score points with the WWE Universe. In fact, he’s never cut more than a five-minute promo in WWE. Is there a WWE superstar past, or present, that is as over with the crowd as Balor without showing off his microphone skills?

There are many reasons to love Finn Balor, who is arguably the next-mega star in WWE. TV Guide posted an article on Balor within the last few days that made a very strong case for Balor’s future.

“Less than a year after signing with the WWE, it’s clear that Finn Bálor is destined to be the organization’s next big superstar. The Irish wrestler, who made a name for himself overseas as Prince Devitt, has become one of the biggest faces in NXT, all with barely saying a word. Instead, Bálor lets his natural charisma and hard-earned talent do the talking for him.”

Balor made his debut in WWE during a November taping in NXT. He already made himself famous with the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Balor is a very rare WWE superstar because of his natural charisma and raw talent. There are men that come along every generation that are simply different to the WWE crowd.

Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, and John Cena are once-in-a-generation wrestlers. They won’t put on 5-star matches each year, but Finn Balor can. Balor can also get more out of the WWE crowd during a match than nearly anyone in the last five years. While that is a huge claim to put on a man that hasn’t been in WWE for more than six months, the facts remain strong.

His entrance at NXT R Evolution received a “Holy S***” chant from the crowd. That was back in December, which means his time in WWE was only at the one-month mark. Undertaker received a similar response with his entrance at WrestleMania 28, but remember that’s the Undertaker.

Will Finn Balor’s charisma carry over to the main roster? That remains to be seen. There’s a small chance the WWE Universe can see Balor at WrestleMania 31, if NXT stars do enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. That will be the first test for Balor on the WWE main roster. If his charisma and talent carry over, he will be the next mega-star in WWE.

[Image via chinlock.com]