LeBron James Gets Kicked In The Jewels By James Harden [Video]

The video showing LeBron James getting kicked in the groin area by James Harden is certainly drawing controversy. Reactions on Twitter call Harden’s move a genuinely low blow, after Harden found himself on his back on the ground and clearly kicked his foot up near King James’ “crown jewels” in an attempt to hurt him. LeBron had possession of the ball for most of the heated game.

According to the Bleacher Report, Harden earned himself a flagrant foul for the kick to the groin area of LeBron, a move that shows LeBron backing away from the kick to his groin. That article itself has already been viewed more than 30,000 times shortly after the groin-kick happened. A collective “ouch” could be heard in the sports world after that kick to the groin was issued maliciously by Harden.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets engaged in a close game on Sunday afternoon in Houston, with LeBron and Patrick Beverley from the Rockets getting into a melee on the court. But later in the game when Harden and LeBron fought for possession of the ball that Harden wound up on the court and later kicked out near LeBron’s groin area, which is the cringe-inducing action that garnered him a a flagrant foul on the play.

As expected, that type of move caused a big reaction from LeBron fans and detractors on Twitter, with some wondering why Harden wasn’t ejected from the game for a groin kick attempt.

“If this was 2012, someone kicking LeBron in the nuts would be an ejection, suspension, fine and possibly banishment from the NBA.”

“How did Lebron not get called for a foul on that groin-kick play?”

“LeBron is just a bully. Always picking on people 5 inches shorter & 50 pounds less than him.”

“I don’t know why but Lebron getting kicked in the groin somehow reminds me of Moleman Man Getting Hit By Football.”

“I’m surprised Lebron ain’t jump on him.”

“LeBron has to stop being nice to these dudes they take him for granted.”

“My mom called me: Some guy with a huge beard kicked LeBron in the [groin] area… Haters.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, LeBron isn’t simply focused on basketball these days, but James also has a significant role in the new movie called Trainwreck, a film whose trailer went viral as soon as LeBron’s Downton Abbey-loving character showed up on screen.

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