‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Shamy Faces Two Big Problems In Upcoming Episode [Video]

The Big Bang Theory gave Shenny fans something to smile about during the last episode of the show, but Amy should be furious with Sheldon — how dare he tell Penny his birthday date before divulging that information to his girlfriend?

Luckily for Amy, Penny and Sheldon didn’t fall madly in love during their sweet little experiment in “The Intimacy Acceleration.” However, Shamy will face two new obstacles during this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, and neither is skinny and blonde — one is enormous and red, and the other is tiny and green.

Spoiler TV recently shared a promo for the March 5 episode of The Big Bang Theory, which is titled “The Colonization Application.” Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler have kissed and said the L-word on the show, so it’s only natural that their relationship will continue to progress. In the clip below, they decide to take another huge step forward by adopting a mini-Cooper. However, fans will be relieved to know that Shamy isn’t conducting an experiment on a human child — the couple decides to get a pet turtle together. As you can see, they’re extremely excited about it.

Unfortunately, the promo might be a bit deceiving. Spoiler TV shared the plot synopsis for “The Colonization Application,” and it suggests that Amy and Sheldon’s new shelled friend might end up tearing them apart instead of bringing them closer together. Worse yet, Sheldon is keeping a huge secret from Amy, and she’s not going to be happy when she finds out what it is.

“Trouble arises when Amy learns Sheldon has applied for a one-way mission to colonize Mars. Also, a trip to the pet store ends in a fight for Sheldon and Amy, Leonard surprises Penny with a very ‘adult’ purchase, and, Raj is caught snooping in Emily’s apartment.”

Howard is still trying to cope with the death of his mother, but it will be interesting to see how he reacts when he finds out that Sheldon wants to be an astronaut of sorts. As many Big Bang Theory viewers know, Dr. Cooper loves to make light of Howard’s own space journey, but he’ll probably act like he’s the bee’s knees for applying for a mission to Mars.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Sheldon’s Mars application is a real thing — over 200,000 people applied to join the Mars One mission in hopes of scoring a one-way ticket to the red planet. The list has been narrowed down to 100 people, but only four will get to be a part of the historic mission. Sheldon loves competitions like this that reinforce his opinion that he’s a very special little snowflake, but would he really leave Amy behind if he ended up being one of the chosen few?

According to the International Business Times, Amy will use the turtle when she pleads her case for Sheldon staying on Earth.

You can find out the fate of Shamy’s turtle and Sheldon’s space mission when The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

[Image credit: CBS]