Paul McCartneys Childhood Home Sold

All good things must come to an end, even for the famous.

Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home in Liverpool sold for £150,000 ($231,000) at auction last Thursday, a full £50,000 more than its market value.

The auction was held at the remodeled Cavern Club, a place where the Beatles occasionally performed in their early years. Countrywide Property Auctions oversaw the sale and were delighted at being a part of both Beatle and Liverpool history through the sale of the Speke home.

The purchase came out of a private bidder, who wished to remain anonymous, from Britain. Yet McCartney’s home isn’t the only Beatles flat that saw itself under the silver hammer in recent years.

The Guardian reports that George Harrison’s boyhood home in the same area was sold last year for £156,000, while John Lennon’s childhood residence sold for an incredible £480,000 in 2013.

Paul’s family moved into the terraced home when he was 4, and they were know quite well throughout the area, thanks in part to his mother’s job as a midwife. The family lived there for six years and is the first home that Paul remembers from his youth.

The Western Ave address has been often cited as the place where Paul first began to develop his love of music. Yet per the former Beatle, his music career began to take shape at their 20 Forthlin Road address. That home, which is in the care of the National Trust, as reported by Rolling Stone Magazine, is considered a historic landmark.

The fact that McCartney’s former home sold for more than its estimated value shouldn’t be a surprise. Anything that can be tied back to a Beatle can fetch a huge profit at auction. A toilet seat, reportedly owned by John Lennon, fetched a whopping £9,500 in 2010.

Yet don’t expect the icon to be losing sleep over the sale. Sir Paul has plenty of other events to keep him occupied, including new music collaborations, tours, festivals, award shows, and much more. As reported by the Inquisitr, Paul McCartney was the recipient of the 2015 Pollster Award, which proved that after all these years the living legend’s music is still relevant.

Paul has recently collaborated with several mainstream musicians, including rapper Kanye West and pop stars Rhianna and Lady Gaga, with much success. The idea that McCartney wanted to collaborate with Gaga was so outlandish that she reportedly hung up on him when McCartney called to see if she was interested in working together, thinking it was a crank call.