WWE News: Female Name Being Teased By WWE For Hall Of Fame Announcement Tomorrow

There have already been a number of names announced for the 2015 class of the WWE Hall of Fame, and there are still more to come. Now, WWE is teasing a new name being announced on tomorrow night’s Monday Night Raw, and it’s going to be a female. Rumors have already been flying, but it could be one of the most controversial names ever.

WWE posted the teaser on Sunday afternoon, and yes, another Diva will be joining the Hall of Fame this year.

“Who will be joining ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rikishi and The Bushwhackers in the Hall’s Class of 2015 the night before WrestleMania 31? Could it be a pioneering woman grappler who competed alongside the likes of Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah? Could it be one of the Japanese women who brought their hard-hitting style to America in the early 1990s? Is it one of the sultry Divas from the infamous Attitude Era? Is it even a competitor, or could it be a woman who often accompanied legendary Superstars into battle?”

This isn’t a huge surprise, as there is a Diva entering the WWE Hall of Fame almost every single year. The whispers have been going around for some time now, and it appears as if it will be Alundra Blayze aka Madusa going into the hall, per WrestleZone.

While it may not be controversial that she is entering the WWE Hall of Fame, she was involved in one of the biggest moments in the history of the “Monday Night Wars.”

Back in late 1995, Blayze’s contract had either expired or she was released, depending on who you hear the story from. Well, she left WWE (WWF at the time) while she was still the Women’s Champion of the company.

On the December 18 episode of WCW Nitro, she appeared on the show and interrupted commentators Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, and Steve “Mongo” McMichael. She introduced herself as Madusa and let the world that “Alundra Blayze” was not her name.

She then brought out the WWE Women’s Championship title belt and literally dropped it in a trash can on television. She stated once more that her name was Madusa and not Alundra Blayze, and then said, “that’s what I think of the WWF Women’s Championship.”

It is a moment that will be remembered forever, but her career was so much more than that. Alundra Blayze aka Madusa is a true pioneer for women’s wrestling, and her going into the WWE Hall of Fame is well deserved.

So, when the WWE Hall of Fame announcement is made on Monday, it will likely be Alundra Blayze joining the class of 2015. She is already in good company with Macho Man Randy Savage, Rikishi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Bushwhackers.

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