‘Lil Wayne Dead’ Hoax? Shots Fired, Lurker Sought By Cops

Is rapper Lil Wayne dead? In the past week, the latest news about Lil Wayne has been his added children, but the last day of February proved to be interesting for this rapper. Early on February 28, police were searching the area near Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home for a lurker. While in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lil Wayne was photographed with T.I. at a party a short time before shots were fired the same club. Later that night, it was tweeted that Lil Wayne was dead. Were any of these things connected — or is this just another Lil Wayne death hoax?

The incident with the police near his home was first reported by TMZ. They state that police came to Lil Wayne’s home early in the morning in response to a call placed around 3 a.m. The cops looked around for the alleged “suspicious-looking man on the rapper’s block.” Lil Wayne was not at home at the time, and the cops did not find the lurker.

Who could the lurkers be? Lately, Lil Wayne has stirred up a lot of trouble. Billboard Magazine reported in late January that Lil Wayne was going to quit his label Birdman — and take Niki Minaj and Drake with him. Of course, because of that, Lil Wayne does have a threatening environment to deal with, but is he actually dead?

Much later in the day, T.I. and Lil Wayne were photographed by HipHop Wired at a party at the Label Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, around 7 p.m.

USA Today reported, “Shots were fired at a promotional party for rappers T.I., Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti at a Charlotte club on Saturday. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., police confirmed the 7 p.m. shooting.”

The shooting also occurred at the Label Club on the same night that Lil Wayne was photographed. All injuries that happened during the shooting were allegedly non-life threatening, but the victims’ names have not yet been released. Could it be Lil Wayne was involved?

Within a couple of hours of the Label Club shooting, a tweet appeared from user XFinii that stated, “RIP Lil Wayne.” The tweet immediately got retweeted, and before midnight EST on Twitter, Lil Wayne was declared dead.


However, was it true at all that Lil Wayne was dead? Once again, it appears that Lil Wayne is the source of a death hoax… or else XFinii is a psychic and does not realize he foresaw Lil Wayne’s death. Within an hour of tweeting RIP Lil Wayne, Xfinii tweeted that he was just kidding — Lil Wayne is not really dead.

Or is he? For now, no official news related to Lil Wayne being dead has been released. We can just chalk this up to another Lil Wayne death hoax thanks to Twitter pranksters.


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