Courteney Cox Joins Twitter, Tweets Lots About Her Dog

Courteney Cox jumped on the Twitter bandwagon this week to share her thoughts in 140 characters or less and it turns out those thoughts are geared directly towards her dog named Harley.

The Cougar Town star jumped on the social networking service last week and since she she has been showing off her cute little Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Following the picture above she tweeted on her first day of Twitter use “Somebody loves me.”

Cox has even been tweeting back and forth with fans and with ex-husband David Arquette when she wrote:

“Finally getting the hang of twittering,” and she thanked her 7-year-old daughter for helping her figure out the service by tweeting “Thanks Coco”

Following along with her new love for Twitter and her already existing love for Harley she tweeted over the weekend:

“After a week of Cougar Town and tweeting.”

That tweeted followed a photo of a sleeping Courteney Cox with Harley curled up next to her head.

Courteny Cox and her Dog

I’m all about following people on Twitter who’s work I follow but I’m not sure who Courtney Cox opened the Twitter account for, herself or her little doggy.

Do you like it when celebrities talk about the little details involving their live on social networking websites?