TNA Out Of Business? Locker Room Morale Takes A Tumble

TNA Might Be Going Out Of Business, Again

Once again, TNA out-of-business rumors are churning the rumor mill, and with the latest report from Cageside Seats, it appears there could be some truth to it this time around.

From the beginning, wrestling insiders and news sites like the Inquisitr have had limited confidence in Dixie Carter’s promotion surviving beyond a couple of years. The future seemed to hinge on a television contract once Spike TV decided enough was enough.

Around the end of 2014, Carter was able to secure a deal with upstart network Destination America. Viewership took a hit as a result, and the deal doesn’t seem to have stopped the bleeding with Samoa Joe recently deciding to jump ship for the indie scene (and a possible deal with WWE).

In the latest rumor roundup from Cageside Seats, it appears that the existing talent aren’t confident they’ll have jobs with TNA much longer.

“Morale within TNA is once again really low, this time because the wrestlers feel like they won’t make much money this year and the general feeling is the company will be out of business eventually,” the website notes.

One commenter noted that TNA out of business rumors have been around for a while, yet “it still goes along.”

“No longer on PPV, they are dying, oh wait Spike TV took it, now they canceled it, they are going out this time. But wait, Destination America has bought it…”

Skepticism abounds, but if the locker room is having its doubts, that’s not a good sign.

Then again, no current TNA stars are coming forward to confirm, so at this point, the rumors will just have to continue.

For its part, the company is putting as good of a foot forward as it can. In fact, not all news on its future is bad. Recently, TNA acknowledged that it had signed a long-term television deal with Sony Six in India.

IMPACT WRESTLING will appear every Monday night at 9 p.m. on the network, with TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches airing every Tuesday at 9 p.m. and TNA Xplosion each Wednesday at 9 p.m. Sony SIX also airs TNA’s PPV and One Night Only events.

The company seems to be placing a lot of hope in developing internationally, and it could be their best bet. Along with the Indian television deal, they signed superstar Mahabali Shera to bring in more of the country’s audience.

Still, Jim Ross and other industry pundits believe that the promotion won’t be able to survive squarely on its international efforts.

Do you think TNA will go out of business eventually, or are the rumors and the skeptics wrong?