Is McDonald’s Really Getting Rid Of Big Macs, Apple Pies, and Large Options?

Word is going around social media that McDonald’s is preparing to shock the world by getting rid of menu staples that will not make people happy. Health food is the craze now, and people believe it is necessary for their children and making their life much better. That may be true, but does it really mean McDonald’s would get rid of the Big Mac?

McDonald's Big Mac

That tweet was shown online by the Daily Buzz and they also reported that McDonald’s would be getting rid of apple pies and large options as well. That means there would be no more large options on drinks of McDonald’s famous fries.

This would be a huge deal if it wasn’t for the fact that the Daily Buzz is a satire site. The article was also posted back in December of 2014, but for some reason, it’s been making the social media rounds once again.

About 95 percent of what you read on Daily Buzz is satire or just completely fake entirely. Snopes has made that widely known on a number of occasions, and now again on this situation with the Big Mac.

In the past, the Daily Buzz has posted an article that said “Starbucks Apologies For Serving Satanic Coffee to Catholic Teacher.” Obviously, that is not something that happened or it would have been a much bigger deal.

There is no secret that McDonald’s has been working menu cuts to help with the whole health food factor and also due to dropping profits. Still, the idea that they would get rid of the Big Mac is something that many can’t possibly fathom.

One thing you need to notice when Daily Buzz posts tweets like that one is that it’s supposedly from the official McDonald’s Twitter account. Notice the lack of the blue verified check-mark?

With these types of articles, people will always catch wind of them and end up sharing them for the world to see. That starts things up all over again and makes people believe that off-the-wall things are happening.

For now, McDonald’s is keeping the Big Mac around. They’re doing the same for apple pies and large-size options as well. It’s just another fake article to get people riled up, but one of the biggest fast food companies in the world is not ditching their signature item.

[Image via Daily Buzz]