WWE News: NWO Shows Up At WWE Event In Madison Square Garden

WWE NWO Madison Square Garden Hulk Hogan

On Friday evening, there was a WWE live event held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and things were running along quite smoothly. That was until near the end of the night, when wrestling fans saw something that had happened so many times before in the past — the NWO took over and took control.

It was actually just another WWE live event, but it was also one called “Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night.” Not only did fans get the chance to see top WWE superstars in action, but they also got the chance to kind of say “thank you” to the Hulkster.

Once the final match was over, Hulk Hogan came out to the ring for his big segment that ended up lasting about 30 minutes. He was also joined in the ring by some friends, including Hall and Nash of the NWO.

They were also joined in the ring by Triple H, Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart, and two representatives from Madison Square Garden. Everyone involved gave speeches about Hogan, and he even received his very own banner high in the rafters of the iconic arena.

Fans in attendance called it an incredible segment, per WrestleZone. It may end up being shown at some point on WWE Network. Madison Square Garden has played a gigantic part in the career of the immortal Hulk Hogan.

There are many significant events that will always be remembered, and the biggest one is from back in 1984 when Hogan defeated Iron Sheik to win his first ever WWE (WWF) title, per History.

Everyone in attendance loved seeing the Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night, but it was the NWO that truly got the biggest pop.

Even MSG was getting in on the act during the tribute and taking advantage of social media.

Hulk Hogan has been hoping to have one more match, and he would love for it to be at a WrestleMania, but it’s now thought that he may be done with in-ring action. The 61-year-old looks to be in great shape, but his age may have finally caught up with him.

Madison Square Garden was the perfect place to have a Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night, but it just wouldn’t have been complete without a takeover by the NWO.

[Image via WWE]