WWE: MSG’s Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night Features Incredible Guest Appearances, Hogan Gets Emotional

Friday night’s Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night at New York City’s Madison Square Guardian has been described as an emotional evening that was packed with special guest appearances from some of the most famous names in WWE history.

According to WrestleZone, the likes of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Triple H, Ric Flair, and Jimmy Hart were in attendance.

In fact a rather poignant image of the NWO’s Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan back in the ring together, with Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart and Howard Finkel, acting as a referee, clapping on, started to do the rounds on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the evening came in the shape of a Hulkamania banner, which was revealed halfway through the event. The banner will now hang from the rafters of the arena permanently, alongside the championship banners of ice hockey’s New York Rangers and basketball’s New York Knicks.

You can check out a variety of images of the Hulkamania banner, which reads, “Immortal, Hulk Hogan, NYC, Over 30 Years, Hulkamania,” below.

When this banner was unveiled, Hulk Hogan is reported to have become very emotional. In fact the wrestler was said to have been on the verge of tears throughout the entire night.

Both Triple H and MSG’s official account took to Twitter to upload images of another present that Hulk Hogan received from Madison Square Garden.

During his speech, Hulk Hogan remarked that the only reason he is back with the WWE is the intervention of Triple H, who now works in a behind the scenes role with the corporation as COO.

Some of Hulk Hogan’s greatest bouts took place at Madison Square Garden. In the first WrestleMania, back in 1985, he defeated Roddy Pipper and Paul Orndoff alongside Mr. T (an encounter that had Muhammed Ali as a guest referee) while at 1991’s SummerSlam, Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior won a Handicap Match against Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan and Col. Mustafa too.

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