‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Heists: 5 Things We Know About Them

Grand Theft Auto V Heist Online Chopper Getaway

Grand Theft Auto V just revealed the release date for their upcoming heist missions in GTA Online. The complex missions that have been promised since GTA V released on consoles back in 2013 have been dated for release March 10. But what do we know about them? Here are a few things about GTA heists, thanks to an interview on IGN.

GTA Online Heists Are More Complex Than Single-Player

The heists we all played in the single-player story of Grand Theft Auto V are simple compared to the work players will have to do in GTA Online. In the story mode, Rockstar could use character switches to keep players at the center of the action. In Grand Theft Auto Online, each player will have to feel like an integral part of the plan. From the driver to the one leading, each role is complex in Grand Theft Auto V. This means that from the planning stages to the time they’re carried out, every move you make will be a complex balancing act to keep the profits high and the failure rate low.

Players Have Full Control In GTA V Heists

In the story mode for Grand Theft Auto V, the heists are “planned” but the cost is fronted by another person, Lester. In GTA Online, however, you’ll still be contacted by him, but a player will actually have to front the cost and use their in-game apartment as the headquarters. As the leader of the heist, you’ll also be in charge of deciding everything, from the outfits and the position players assume in the crew, to even the cut of the dough to allocate. Planning is integral in Grand Theft Auto V, and your ability to plan will go a long way to increase your end score.

Grand Theft Auto Heist Missions

Each Role Is Important In GTA

Players who join a heist in GTA have a role to assume, and each heist calls for different roles. Imran Sarwar, lead mission designer and Grand Theft Auto Online producer points out that Rockstar’s team made a conscious effort to make sure no player felt like they were just tagging along. You could be the driver, or a sniper; a pilot or a demolitions expert. Regardless of your role, how you perform affects the rest of your Grand Theft Auto V crew, for better or worse.

GTA Online Heists Will Be Long, And Replayable

As of December, GTA V had five heist missions with 20 branching strands. According to Sarwar, you could get around 20 hours worth of gameplay out of the heists. But thanks to your ability to perform different roles, as well the changes from how the heists are planned and carried out, Grand Theft Auto has itself another open-ended gameplay element to keep players engaged for some time. If you hop between being the leader to a crew member, your GTA Online experience will be completely different each time.

GTA V Heist Pilot Getaway Plane

GTA V Heists Will Give You Some Great Rewards

Other than the satisfaction of coordinating and carrying out the heist mission, GTA Online heists will reward players in a number of different ways. Of course there’s the cash, which comes in handy in any situation. However, GTA V is also known for its weapons and plethora of vehicles, which some will be given access to only through the heist missions. Also, heists give players a chance to visit some interesting locales in Grand Theft Auto V, as well as interact with story characters within GTA.

Are you looking forward to heists in GTA Online? Taking advantage of Grand Theft Auto V’s first-person mode while you do them? Sound off in the comments below.

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