Christopher Plummer Skipped Oscars: Actor Didn’t Want To Overshadow Julie Andrews

Christopher Plummer skipped Oscars

Christopher Plummer skipped the Oscars for personal reasons, but he also said that he did not want to take anything away from Julie Andrews, who was honored as part of a tribute to The Sound Of Music. According to People Magazine, Plummer (who played Captain Von Trapp in the 1965 film) wanted the night to be about Andrews, and he felt as though his presence would steal the spotlight away from his former co-star.

“I couldn’t be there for personal reasons, and secondly I didn’t want to. It was really a tribute to Julie. It’s her movie. It’s a terrible phrase we have in England but if I had appeared there I would have looked like a spare prick at a wedding. That’s the most perfect description of how I would have looked.”

Although Christopher Plummer skipped the Oscars, he did watch the show from home, and he thought that Lady Gaga did a wonderful job singing some of the popular songs from the movie.

“I thought Lady Gaga sang absolutely wonderfully. She knows how to do two styles. She knows the old way and and she knows the new way and she was so faithful to the style of the story and the song. Julie looked terrific. I was thrilled it was a tribute to her and so it should be.”

Many would agree with Plummer’s sentiments, as Gaga really put on quite a show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gaga worked with a vocal coach for “months” in preparation for the tribute. It was clearly something that was very important to her, and she wanted to be sure that she performed everything just right. Of course, with the legendary Julie Andrews looking on from the wings, one can only imagine the nerves!

Learning that Christopher Plummer skipped the Oscars on purpose is a bit surprising. Surely everyone would have loved to see him, and seeing him and Julie Andrews together would have been a treat. Plummer and Andrews have remained friends over the past few decades. According to Ace Showbiz, the two will attend the TCM Classic Film Festival next month. The Sound Of Music is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year (how old do you feel?), and will be honored at the festival. Plummer and Andrews will attend a showing of the film, which still remains a classic to this day.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]