Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, And Amber Portwood Talk Farrah Abraham’s ‘Teen Mom’ Return

The fifth season of Teen Mom has yet to air and there is already a lot of controversy, thanks to the return of one very controversial mom. The show, re-titled Teen Mom OG, was initially only going to star Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood. Yet in late January, the show’s producers and Farrah Abraham herself confirmed her return.

The trailer shows Maci basically quitting the show upon hearing the news. In an interview with E! News, Maci confirmed that she did not approve of Farrah’s return.

“I can’t really comment on my leaving the show. As far as the way I felt when she was returning, it’s not about Farrah. I don’t hold a grudge against her… But there’s also a fine line with what I find appropriate and I just don’t think it’s appropriate for my 6-year-old son to be involved with some of the things that Farrah is involved with.”

Maci added that she fears that her son may be teased. She made clear that she doesn’t think it was right of the producers to disregard her and the cast member’s feelings and bring Farrah back.

“So, you know, if we’re watching one scene and he’s in the front yard throwing baseball and then five seconds later they’re at a strip club, to me, that’s just not appropriate. And you know, the shows going to air on Mondays…and then he has to wake up and go to school the next day with six and seven year olds in Kindergarten that just watched all of that happen. So it’s difficult for me because I feel like my ability to make the right choices as a parent was kind of taken away from me when they decided to bring her back.”

Not surprisingly, Catelynn Lowell also confirmed that she doesn’t agree with the producers’ decision. Catelynn once confronted Farrah at a VH1 Couples Therapy reunion special over her comments that Catelynn and boyfriend Tyler Baltierra’s decision to have another baby wasn’t a good one.

“At first, for a little bit, we were kind of OK with it. Until we really sat down about it and were like ‘Um, we don’t know how good this is for the moral compass of the show?’ Like, we are trying to educate girls about good things, not so much the sex industry part.”

While Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell think that Farrah Abraham’s return to Teen Mom isn’t so good, Amber Portwood has more of an open mind. Amber hinted that she is not one to judge since she herself has a checkered past.

“It’s just shocking sometimes, to me, when I knew Farrah… she would never do something like that, and when I found out she did, I was in prison… I can’t really judge much on anything.”

So will Maci and Catelynn really leave Teen Mom because they don’t want to be on a show with Farrah? Catelynn also told E! News that she and Maci won’t let Farrah end their time on the show.

“Well, I think, for Maci and us, we were kind of like, ‘We’re not gonna let her ruin our, you know, our opportunity to share our story.’ But at first, yeah, we were like, ‘We don’t know if we want to be involved with this.”

In an interview with TV Guide, the show’s executive producer explained the decision to bring Farrah back despite the reservations of Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood.

“Just looking at those three stories, ultimately, there was a feeling that something was missing and having a fourth perspective — the four different journeys and four different sets of consequences, all stemming from ‘Teen Mom’ — that was the right way to go.”

The fourth story may feature Farrah Abraham’s new beau. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah has posted photos of her “love” on social media.

Teen Mom OG premieres on Monday, March 23.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]