‘The Little Couple’ Update: Will Celebrates Big Birthday With Jen, Bill, And Zoey

'The Little Couple' star Will turns five-years-old

Fans of The Little Couple are definitely missing not having new episodes airing on TLC these days, though hopefully the wait for a new season won’t take too much longer. In the meantime, Dr. Jennifer Arnold shared a small update on Will, and it looks like he’s having a pretty great week. What’s the latest?

As fans know, Jen and her husband, Bill Klein, adopted Will from China when he was 3-years-old. Now the little guy has just turned 5 and fans can’t wait to see how the family celebrated. For Will’s fourth birthday, his first in the United States, Jen and Bill put together an extravagant party at the Houston Zoo. Will, Zoey, and their parents and grandparents even got a train ride later in the day.

While it’s not known yet how the family celebrated Will’s birthday this time around, Jen did take to Twitter to share a photo of Will and note the big day. Will’s got an enormous smile on his face in this shot, and Little Couple fans were quick to jump in and wish him a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Will! Since you have come home you have been a shining star in our family and the world! We love you!”

Though Arnold has shared some photos and updates on Will and Zoey during this off-season, the family has been fairly quiet for the most part. As fans know, the last season ended with Bill’s back surgery. The couple has indicated since then that his recovery continues, though it has been slow and challenging.

When will The Little Couple return with new episodes on TLC? That much isn’t known yet. The network itself hasn’t announced anything yet. However, not long ago, Arnold herself did confirm that another set of new episodes was coming. In the meantime, many fans of Jen and Bill are checking out TLC’s new show called Our Little Family, which focuses on another family with some similar challenges.

Will fans get to see Will’s fifth birthday celebration in the new season? While last year Jen shared a lot of teasers about the party online as she planned, this year she hasn’t said much. Fans can’t wait to catch up with Will, Zoey, Jen Arnold, and Bill Klein in new episodes of The Little Couple to see how they’re all doing now. Hopefully the wait won’t be too much longer, though for now fans will have to stay tuned for updates regarding a premiere date.

[Image via Dr. Jennifer Arnold’s Twitter page]