‘How To Get Away With Murder’s’ Alternate Ending? Viola Davis Reveals All [Spoilers]

How to Get Away with Murder promised a mind-blowing finale, and that’s exactly what fans got. In case you haven’t watched yet, you should stop reading here before we get into spoilers.

Throughout its short run, we’ve been begging the answer to the most talked-about question of the season — who killed Lila? Last night, after a dizzying mock trial that took place in Annalise’s home, we found out that it wasn’t Sam or the newly suspected Rebecca who killed Lila. Instead, it was a character that was right under our noses the entire season — Frank.

Although technically Frank did strangle Lila before stuffing her into a water tank, it was Sam’s call to Frank asking him to kill Lila, so the blood was on his hands as well.

Not only did we learn who killed Lila at the end of the How to Get Away with Murder finale, but the finale also saw Rebecca meeting her demise in Annalise’s cellar. It was a lot to digest in the last five minutes of the finale, but we didn’t expect anything less from Pete Norwalk and co.

How to Get Away with Murder’s star Viola Davis spoke with Jimmy Kimmel via satellite to discuss the shocking two-hour finale. During the chat, Davis mentioned an alternate ending that never aired. From the sounds of it, it’s just as dramatic as the finale that we saw.

“The one that we didn’t use, I just walk down the stairs to the cellar and I’m calling Rebecca’s name and I find her dead in her chair, tied up. I love the ending by the way.”

Davis continued, “I just think it’s still heart pounding. It’s just filled with so many moments that we didn’t expect. I’m glad I didn’t have anything to do with it, I’m trying to make some people like me.”

Funny enough, when Entertainment Weekly spoke with Peter Nowalk about the season finale, he had this to say.

“I don’t want to say what the other ending is, because it might be incorporated into the next season.”

While Norwalk doesn’t reveal the other options he had in mind for the killer, he did say that his options were limited.

“We only had a few options, to me, that felt real, unless it was someone completely random. One of the other writers pitched it to me in our mad ‘let’s just think outside the box of everything that could happen.'”

What did you think of the How to Get Away with Murder finale?

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