WWE Rumor: WWE Superstar Sheamus Set To Return For Multi-Man Ladder Match At WrestleMania 31


WWE Superstar Sheamus has been out of action since early November due to an injury that required surgery. WWE wanted to have the Celtic Warrior back by The Royal Rumble, but instead, they delayed his return a couple months. Now that WWE has started to air vignettes for his return, we are set to see him back at any time. The original plans for Sheamus, when it came to WrestleMania, was that he would return and wrestle Daniel Bryan at the event.

The two have some history at WrestleMania as they have faced each other twice at the big show. The first time it was over the United States Title that didn’t even make the main card. It turned into a big battle royal randomly, which was by no means exciting. The next time they faced off for Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship. AJ Lee’s kiss of death became popularized through this as she kissed Daniel only for him to turn around to a Brogue kick. Bryan was then pinned and lost his World Title in 18 seconds.

This remains as one of the quickest World Title loses in an actual wrestling match. Only Money in the Bank title changes have been quicker.

So in knowing this, a match made sense for the two, but it was by no means a priority to athletes themselves.. Bryan, in particular, wanted to face Dolph Ziggler if he couldn’t be in the WrestleMania main event, which many fans were very much behind. Instead, it seemed after WWE Fast Lane, Bryan didn’t have a match of note on RAW, and it appeared he would be slowly thrown into a match with Sheamus.

Now it appears that Daniel Bryan is being thrown into the multi-man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. WWE confirmed last night on WWE SmackDown that the match would happen. Bryan beat Bad News Barrett on SmackDown, which puts him in the IC Title hunt as much as guys like Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth. All four men have beaten the master of bad news, and due to this, all have a claim to be involved in an IC Title match.

Sheamus Bryan

Rumors have been swirling that since Bryan seems to be added to the IC Title match at WrestleMania, Sheamus will also be involved as it would be the only match that would make sense for him.

As it stands, we have five men that would be right for the match, and a sixth would even out the field. That means we’ll most likely see Sheamus return on WWE RAW this Monday and beat Bad News Barrett in his first match back, which would automatically qualify him for the IC Title match along with the others. The rumor makes a lot of sense as it can throw Sheamus into a storyline automatically, and one that would be perfect for him in his return.

While it currently appears that Dean Ambrose will walk out as champion at WrestleMania, the idea of this match going in is to simply have multiple upper mid-card talent involved in a marquee match. WWE has the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to involve a lot of talent, but for most of the men in this match, the Battle Royal seems beneath them at this point.

It is smart by WWE to add all six to such a match if they plan to make it a lengthy battle. When it comes to Sheamus, while it is only a rumor as of now for him to be involved in this….it makes all the sense in the world for him to be included.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com, metalarcade.net]