Where Will Peyton Manning Go? [Video]

The reports are in and supposedly the Indianapolis Colts have made the decision to let Peyton Manning leave the franchise. It seems as if the decision was made weeks ago. Colts owner, Jim Irsay, is not in an enviable position. He is going to be the owner who got rid of Peyton Manning, but do it they will.

The Colts have let go of their general manager, their coaches have been shown the door and they have the number 1 draft pick (they are pretty much certain to sign quaterback Andrew Luck). They are obviously a team who will be rebuilding for at least the 2012 season and maybe for longer.

Manning is owed $28 million dollars as a Roster Bonus if his contract is extended and he may not even be a fit anymore for the team. If they let him go there are few teams that will be in the mix to sign him.

The San Francisco 49ers: Some analysts say that San Francisco is one quarteback away from a Super Bowl. With one of the top ranked defenses in the league and not a bad offense, they could be in the hunt. The only issue is that they don’t have a full lineup of receivers to exploit Peyton Manning’s strengths.

The New York Jets: The New York Jets have a fantastic defense and their offense is nothing to sneeze at either. New York is big enough for two Mannings. The only issue they might face is that Mark Sanchez is still owed quite a bit on his contract. Also the Jets are in desperate need of a leader and Peyton Manning could be that guy.

The Washington Redskins: Mike Shannahan might be ballsy enough to do it. The Redskins need a quarterback and might be able to be competitive with a Peyton Manning.

Who do you think will get Peyton Manning next year?

Watch the experts debate Peyton Manning’s future.

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