Mary Tyler Moore to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Screen Actor’s Guild Awards

Mary Tyler Moore will be receiving one of the highest honors an actor can receive at the Screen Actor Guild Awards on Sunday: the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Moore, who turned 75 this year, rose to fame when she starred as Laurie Petrie in the 1960s CBS sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, but she’s perhaps best known for her role as Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which aired on CBS from 1970 to 1977.

“Receiving a lifetime achievement award from anybody who wants to single me out as deserving of it is a wonderful honor,” Moore told Reuters. “It pleases me to know that it would make my Dad awfully happy, I know that.”

Considering that Moore’s rise to fame started with the Dick Van Dyke Show, it’s fitting, then, that she will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from her co-star in that show, Dick Van Dyke.

“Along with (‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ creator) Carl Reiner, I think Dick is the most appropriate one (to present this),” Moore said. “Dick’s contribution was so enormous from the very start. He made me feel that we had been married for a couple of years, anyway, and it was quite an exceptional feeling.”