VIDEO: Seth Rollins Appears On ‘The Daily Show’ — Confronts Jon Stewart

Seth Rollins Confronts Jon Stewart On ''The Daily Show"

In one of the more interesting “feuds” in professional wrestling at the moment, ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Seth Rollins made an appearance on The Daily Show on Thursday night to confront host Jon Stewart.

PWInsider were the first to report Rollins being in the New York City area today through their Elite section of the website. The report suggested that Rollins would be involved with Stewart on a segment of the program and they were correct.

Here is the video of Rollins appearance.

This feud between Rollins and Stewart began a few weeks ago when the former Shield member made a disparaging remark about the host. Rollins said that he could go host The Daily Show in place of Stewart, “and make that thing actually watchable.” That didn’t sit well with Stewart as he responded with his own remarks, suggesting that he is coming for Rollins.

Here is a look at how these two began their rivalry.

When these two began their back and forth, several personalities from both the entertainment and professional wrestling world weighed in with their opinions. How could the self-admittedly 160 pound Stewart stand a chance against the self proclaimed “future” of the WWE?

The simple answer is, he couldn’t.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin sounded confident and serious in suggesting that Stewart would be the beginning of a downward spiral for Rollins. The ‘Texas Rattlesnake” suggested on his podcast with Wade Keller that if they pull a stunt in which Stewart makes Rollins look bad, it would kill the insane amount of momentum that he has built.

Austin is right, having one of your top performers be upstaged by a celebrity much older, smaller, and not involved in physical sports makes you look bad. However, as the video shows, this angle between Rollins and Stewart won’t be ending after this encounter.

Rollins issued a challenge for Stewart to appear on RAW this coming Monday, which he accepted. Now, Stewart being involved isn’t a bad thing if he is used correctly. The Wrestlemania plans have called for Rollins to square-off against “The Viper” Randy Orton. If the company chose to have Stewart be in Orton’s corner at the event and cost Rollins the match, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

The WWE and Rollins would get huge mainstream coverage by having somebody with the notoriety of Stewart be involved in one of the companies’ higher profile matches, on their biggest show of the year. That would be a boost to all parties involved, and make Rollins a bigger star in the process.

Stewart is a well known fan of wrestling, so this would likely be a huge deal to him as well. All told, if the WWE doesn’t make a WCW level mistake by having outside celebrities booked to be on-par with their superstars, this angle will work tremendously in everybody’s favor.

[Image via WWE]