Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Reunite to Promote Q’Viva

Although former power couple Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are in the middle of a split, the pair have a reason besides their twins Max and Emme to spend a bit of time together.

Before their separation, the pair decided to work on a new, Idol-like concept- a show called Q’Viva that is all about Latin culture. Then came their separation, and the ensuing tabloid frenzy suggesting that Anthony was involved with Jada Pinkett Smith, and the pics of Lopez and backup dancer Casper Smart, and Q’Viva kind of got buried in the pre-split news about the couple.

But while many couples in the midst of a divorce would be reticent to sit down together and give and interview, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony spoke to Entertainment Weekly about their baby- the TV one, Q’Viva. (Which kind of sounds like Qdoba, which makes me want to go to Chipotle.) Q’Viva premieres tonight on Univision, a Spanish language channel, and the pair had a bit to tell the magazine about what viewers can expect.

On the differences between Q’Viva and Idol, Lopez says:

I don’t know that there is another show like this. There’s no winner. This is about creating a live visual experience about Latin culture, rhythm, dance — the likes of which have never been seen. So there is no show to compare it to. We’re casting a show, and you’re on the journey with us.

Anthony adds:

It’s a callback — the only thing is that we’re rolling cameras on it. This is very, very serious business.

Lopez also says Q’Viva is a bit more hands on than Idol:

We went to these countries and we ate the food, walked the streets, and came upon people we didn’t know we were going to meet. Some people we knew we were going to meet that we saw on video. But some people ran up to the car and were like, “Can I audition?” And I was like, “Okay.” And they were amazing.

Anthony described a competition with some moments that were a bit more ‘real’ than his experiences with aspiring talent in the US:

I met this extraordinary dance troupe from Mexico City that did a little bit of everything, they were street performers, and there was one who I kept wondering, Why isn’t he performing? And they said, “He can’t because he doesn’t know who he is.” He had no identity, no name. They left him in a park when he was young. I was not ready for that. But the world needs to know about this talent.

Do you plan to tune in to watch Jennifer Lopez’s and Marc Anthony’s Q’Viva?