‘Mob Wives’ Natalie DiDonato’s Audio Of Natalie Guercio Released As Drita D’Avanzo Thanks Big Ang For Defending Her

On Wednesday night’s episode of Mob Wives, newcomer Natalie DiDonato finally offered up the “evidence” that she claimed would prove that Natalie Guercio was a rat. In a meeting with Drita D’Avanzo, Natalie D. tells her that she’s being played by Natalie G. As proof, Natalie G. plays, on her phone, a recording that a friend made of Natalie D. Drita’s reaction of shock and anger. Unfortunately for the show’s viewers, they didn’t get to hear the audio.

So what did Natalie D. actually say on the recording that was so damning? Later that night, All About The Tea posted the audio recording. On the recording, a woman who sounds like Natalie G. seems to be admitting to an ex-boyfriend that she called his parole officer, landing him back in prison, and lied about something that she told the cops.

Natalie G. tweeted that the audio is fake, doctored and manipulated from separate conversations.

“The extreme measures ppl will go for fame. Trying to land a spot on a show by editing, splicing and doctoring audios together #sad #nicetry.”

Natalie Guercio also reminded everyone that she called the cops on her ex-boyfriend because he was abusive and she feared for her life. In a lengthy Instagram post, Natalie wrote that women who are being abused should not be accused of being rats when they seek help.

“Ladies, people who haven’t been in our shoes of abuse will never understand it. Can you believe I’m being called a RAT for reporting my abusive ex and protecting my son and myself!?! What a joke! What kind of world are we living in??!! DO NOT EVER, think of Yourself as being a RAT for PROTECTING YOURSELF & CALLING THE POLICE! Don’t let anyone else EVER tell you otherwise. The police are here to help YOU!”

In the audio, the woman repeatedly says, “Look what you did to me.” In mid-January, Natalie posted photos of her bruised face, which she said were at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.


Drita’s reaction to the audio that Natalie D. played to her seems to have caused quite a number of viewers to criticize her. As the episode aired, Drita thanked Angela “Big Ang” Raiola for always having her back, even when others hate on her.


While Drita D’Avanzo’s loyalty has wavered between Natalie Guercio and Natalie DiDonato on the latest Mob Wives episodes, Big Ang has steadfastly supported Natalie G. against Natalie D.’s accusations ever since Natalie D. came on the show. Upon seeing the secret audio scene, Big Ang, in a clear reference to Natalie D., turned the focus on the person who would make such a recording in the first place.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Big Ang even recently warned Natalie D. to not mess with Drita.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]