December 16, 2016
'The Blacklist' Spoilers: Tom Returns, Liz Scrambles, And Red Wants Fulcrum Intel In 'The Deer Killer'

A new episode of The Blacklist airs Thursday night on NBC and fans are definitely anxious to dig into this one. Previews tease that Tom will be back in the picture, and there is no doubt that his presence will be complicated and enticing. What Blacklist spoilers are available for the next episode?

The Season 2, Episode 13 show airing on February 26 is titled "The Deer Hunter." TV Guide teases that the team will be focused on a serial killer who hunts his victims. Separately, it seems that a possible murder stirs up a lot of talk, and Liz is scrambling to keep her secret in check.

According to TVLine, that possible murder is the death of the harbormaster, as police dig into his death and think there may be more to it than it initially seemed. Of course, viewers know just what happened to the harbormaster and why the police asking questions sends Liz scrambling.

The Blacklist spoiler preview indicates that it's not the method of tracking and killing the victims that make the Deer Hunter serial killer so frightening -- it's the fact that the killer is a woman. This killer has been around for a decade, but it seems that Red and the team are ready to put an end to the hunt.

While Red has some key information for Liz and the team that could go a long way towards solving this string of murders, he wants something in return for the information. A Blacklist spoiler preview shows Red telling Lizzie that he wants the information she has on the Fulcrum in exchange for the details he has on the Deer Hunter. While she tries to play it off that she knows nothing, he's quick to point out that he can tell she's lying.

Where does Tom fit into all of this? Viewers knew he would be back in this second half of Season 2, but it wasn't known exactly when or how. The Blacklist spoiler preview for Thursday's episode shows a bit of Tom shaving his head and clearly making preparations to throw himself back into the thick of things.

Previous Blacklist spoilers have detailed that Tom would be a key part of this second part of Season 2, and now fans get to see it al come together. According to TV Guide it seems that Tom will end up saving Liz's life in some way, and viewers will finally figure out who he really is. Of course, all of that will surely play out over the rest of the season and it seems fans may just get a taste of Tom Keen in Thursday's show.

The mysteries deepen as Liz, Red, and Tom all go after what they want in different ways, and at times, in contrast to one another's agendas. Tune intoo The Blacklist airing on NBC on Thursday, February 26 to see just what happens next.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]