‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect?

The Season 1 finale of How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursday night on ABC and fans cannot wait to see all of the drama play out. Lila’s murderer will be revealed at last and that there are plenty of other twists and turns ahead. What HTGAWM spoilers are available for the February 26 finale? Will the show be coming back for Season 2?

The show’s Facebook page teases a sneak peek showing Wes and Rebecca struggling with their trust issues. They’re both hiding things from one another, yet putting on a composed face. How long can they both keep this up?

The show is teasing that the two-hour finale is heart-pounding and that the “totally crazy-twist OMG factor is at record levels!” HTGAWM fans may think they have Lila’s murder all figured out, but chances are they don’t quite yet. Executive producer Pete Nowalk teases via E! Online that he’ll be very impressed if any fans have the full story regarding Lila’s death figured out.

Nowalk adds that the writers actually changed their plan for the end of Season 1 mid-way through putting the full season together. He shares that the plan they originally had became too expected and they really wanted to leave fans stunned. Whatever the answers are about that night, they’ll be fully laid out in the February 26 finale.

Going into Thursday’s finale, Wes is suspicious of Rebecca, and she knows that. Annalise seems to have a plan for getting Nate out of the trouble she set him up for, but it seems she’ll need his cooperation to make it happen. He may not be all that ready to trust her at this point.

How to Get Away With Murder spoilers indicate that Annalise has another problem ahead. Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Wes have something they need to straighten out, but Annalise gets pulled into it all. Apparently the final 10 minutes of the Season 1 finale are not to be missed, as there will be both answers to the mysteries of this season and bread crumbs laid out regarding Season 2.

While this debut season finale seems to be coming way too soon, fans can at least embrace the fact that ABC has already renewed HTGAWM for Season 2. Nowalk tells Entertainment Weekly that there will be multiple HTGAWM cliffhangers laid out that will definitely entice fans to tune back in for the new season in the fall. Right now it seems that Nowalk is aiming for 15 episodes again as he likes that season length.

Will the hype live up to the actual Season 1 finale? Will the jaws of the viewers be dropping left and right? Tune in to the How to Get Away With Murder finale airing on Thursday, February 26 and see just how it all plays out.

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