Homeless Child Begs For Food In Freezing Temps, Social Experiment Will Warm Your Heart [Video]

A homeless child wandering the streets of New York City, begging for food in freezing cold temperatures, would easily break the hearts of people passing by, right? According to Life & Style Magazine, OckTV decided to do a social experiment to see what people would actually do if they saw a homeless child on the street. Surprisingly, perhaps, hundreds of people walk by the child, and most don’t even notice his presence.

At one point, the boy is on the ground — wearing a T-shirt — and shivering inside a plastic bag. This is when someone approaches him — but it’s not a busy Wall Street professional. The one person who stopped to help the boy was a homeless man.

“While hundreds of people walk past him like he’s invisible, the one person to lend a helping hand is actually homeless himself — with nothing to offer except the clothes off his own back.”

The video of the homeless child was posted on Facebook on February 23, and is now starting to go viral.

If you thought the generosity of the homeless man in the video above was heart-warming, you may want to check out this video as well. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it’s about a family who voluntarily quarantined themselves in order to help their 5-year-old daughter who suffers from Sanfilippo syndrome.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]