Richard Pryor's Widow Jennifer Lee Doesn't Mince Words, Calls Bill Cosby 'A Piece Of Sh*t'

Jennifer Lee, the widow of the legendary stand-up comic Richard Pryor, had some choice words for Bill Cosby when she appeared on the Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast. Lee, who was Pryor's manager, talked about her relationship with the late comedian. But during the podcast, Lee eventually steered the topic towards the scandal involving Bill Cosby. "I'd like to address the whole Bill Cosby thing," Lee began.

"Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person, he was clean on the inside," she said of the difference between Pryor and Cosby.
While Bill Cosby presented the clean-cut image of the dad people have come to know at his old sitcom, Pryor always worked with edgier material. Pryor's wild lifestyle and addiction fueled his onstage persona as well as his own routine.
"Bill... f--k. Clean, oh, 'clean.' He hated Richard because Richard... you know, 'worked dirty.' Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know... Bill's just a f--king hypocrite, and dirty on the inside," Lee said.
"It was a well-kept secret that Bill f--ked everything that moved," she continued.
"This kind of s--t that we're finding out about is beyond. I wasn't aware of this kind of business. There are people in the business who were aware of it and they're coming out now too."
Bill Cosby is currently facing rape allegations from over 30 women, some of them models and actresses who have worked with Cosby on The Cosby Show. The rape allegations have made touring tough for Cosby, who had to cancel some of his shows because he's been facing protests wherever he goes.

Lee talked about how she thinks Bill Cosby was judgmental, recounting the story of one of her and Pryor's encounters with Cosby and his wife Camille.

"They came to our house one night for dinner, Camille and Bill. A couple weeks prior to this dinner, Richard and I had a threesome," Lee said.
According to her, Pryor got jealous during the threesome and smashed an oversized Tiffany lamp as he was lashing out. The lamp wasn't fixed in time for their dinner with Cosby, and she thought that Cosby and Camille were bringing their attention to it.

"I never felt so judged and shamed in all my life, and I think about that," she said.

"The condescension that was going on and the holier than thou (attitude), I think it got so over-the-top. It was almost bound to happen... Yeah, he's a piece of s--t."
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