Kanye West Co-Signs Chris Brown’s New Album, Yeezus Talks To Harvard Grads

Amid all the recent Twitter beef between Kanye West, the Kardashians, Amber Rose and now Chris Brown, Yeezus opts to give the singer a promo on his album.

Kanye is definitely one who is an avid critic of music. So, to get support and a Twitter-type of thumbs-up, the album much be nice. Even through the recent beef that’s been going on, one of the Kardashians even is showing support as well.

I suppose the Kardashian-West team is showing that they’re better than the nonsense that’s been going on lately. Or possibly, it’s the wake-up call the family encountered on last week?

If you don’t know, Kanye was almost in a devastating position because — while on a ski trip — his wife and daughter, along with his sister-in-laws, were in a car crash. It was surely covered by the media and publicized, and West’s wife gave thanks to God for her family’s safety, via Twitter. When does Kim talk about God? And this isn’t meaning “Yeezus” either.

Life is too short for beef. Even Chris realizes this in a recent post, after being denied access into Canada and the following ridicule that came.

Nevertheless, it shows that — while celebrities like Kanye West are famous — they are, indeed, human. West and his family go through the same trials and errors we all do in family life. And even worse, theirs are broadcast and subjected to scrutiny in daily news. Though Kanye has been also receiving opposition in the design world, it doesn’t stop him from giving props where they’re due, as he did with Brown as well as many others. However, West let’s the world know his taken on the situation.

These seem like words from a very humanistic individual. In essence, West undergoes similar principles of trial-and-error as ordinary people do, just on a much larger level. And by “ordinary,” the connotation is “non-famous.”

Many don’t know that Kanye does other things aside from “interrupt award winners.” Did you know that he’s spoken at Harvard?

Kanye West Speaks To Harvard Graduate Students From The School Of Design
Credits: Virgil Abloh | Instagram
In 2013, Kanye West spoke to the graduating class of Harvard University’s School of Design.

Yes. During a speech addressed at graduates from the Harvard School of Design, West had a few things to say. Some key points Kanye mentioned, as noted in Today, states as follows.

“I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, and everything needs to actually be ‘architected.’

…The reason why I turn up so much in interviews is because I’ve tasted what it means to create and be able to impact, and affect in a positive way…

…I believe that utopia is actually possible — but we’re led by the least noble, the least dignified, the least tasteful, the dumbest, and the most political…”

Kind of makes you look at West in a different light?

So, what do you think about Kanye’s good-will gesture towards Brown? Do you like the “kinder and gentler” West, as many proclaim him to be? Share your thoughts.

[Feature Image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images]