‘Dance Moms’ Girls Reunited: Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Frazier, And Paige Hyland Together Again

Dance Moms fans who follow the girls via social media were in for a big treat Tuesday. It’s been some time now since Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland left the show, but they have definitely not been forgotten. From the looks of a photo they shared on their Instagram pages, it seems that fellow dancer Nia Frazier hasn’t forgotten them either.

Nia posted a photo showing her with Chloe and Paige, and it looks like it’s a new photo. She said that she missed her friends and that they had just been reunited for the photo. Paige posted it right around the same time that Nia did, and she noted that she missed her best friends. By the time the evening came around, Chloe had posted the photo as well. The original does show Chloe’s little sister Clara hanging on the girls as well, a cute addition many fans adored.

As Dance Moms fans know, Nia and her mom, Holly, have still been a part of Season 5 that is airing on Lifetime right now. However, Paige, her mom, Kelly Hyland, and her sister, Brooke, haven’t been back since the fight caught on tape between Kelly and Abby Lee Miller. In fact, there are criminal charges and a lawsuit still in play over the incident.

Chloe was still a part of Dance Moms for a bit after the Hylands left, but she and her mom Christi have since departed as well. Though Christi and Abby didn’t get into a physical confrontation like what viewers saw with Kelly, it was still a tense interaction that preceded the Lukasiak family’s departure. Chloe has since moved on to Studio 19, and she’s shared some updates with fans noting that she’s really happy these days.

The photo featuring Nia, Chloe, and Paige immediately got many Dance Moms fans buzzing. Have Nia and Holly left the show, too? Some think that the photo showing the three in such a close embrace, with such an emotional and heartfelt message, would not likely be posted if Nia were still working with Abby.

At this point, however, there is no confirmation that Nia is indeed done with the Abby Lee Dance Company or Dance Moms, and many think it’s just a friendly moment shared with fans. That said, Nia has been working on some other projects that do not involve Abby, however. Holly tweeted that Nia’s first song, called “Star in Your Own Life,” would be released on iTunes on March 3.

According to the show’s Wikia Dance Moms spoiler page, Nia is still involved in the competitions filmed through the middle of Season 5. It would appear that what is being filmed right now, which will be shown in the back half of Season 5, includes the girls doing an international tour for Abby that takes the group to both Ireland and Australia. Nia doesn’t seem to be a part of this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything definitive regarding her commitment to the show itself.

Whatever Nia’s future may hold with Dance Moms, fans love to see that she still shows so much love for Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland. Many fans miss the earlier seasons, where all of the girls were still dancing together. As for Season 5 of Dance Moms, featuring Nia, Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, and the others, new episodes continue to air Tuesday nights on Lifetime.

[Image via Nia Frazier’s Instagram]