‘Doctor Who’ Fans Flock To See Actress Jenna Coleman Film Motorbike Scene

Doctor Who fans have been anxiously waiting for any news from the set of the new season which is currently filming, so it was no surprise when fans flocked to the set in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff. Fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of Jenna Coleman filming a scene where she rides on a vintage motorbike. Coleman plays the Doctor’s companion, Clara Oswald. As the Inquisitr previously reported, residents of Cardiff received letters notifying them they may experience disturbances from Doctor Who filming in the area.

Whovians quickly realized the Doctor Who star wasn’t the one riding the bike — a male stunt double had taken her place. Spotted near the Mercure Hotel off Newport Road, Coleman’s stunt double was decked out in a brown wig, heels, a green skirt, black tights, and appeared to have padded his chest.

Doctor Who fan Cath Harris was there that day, as one of the Whovians gathered who recognized that the person riding the motorcycle wasn’t Coleman.

“At first I thought it was Cara [sic] and I was really excited but then she turned her head and I realised it was a man.

He was fairly convincing to be fair but when you got a look at his face it was obvious he wasn’t Cara. [We] Doctor Who fans are used to seeing all sorts of out of this world things — but this was something else.”

Series 9 is currently filming, and after rumors circulated Coleman was leaving, she confirmed at the end of last year she would be sticking around for Series 9. First appearing in 2012, she has been the companion to Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and now Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. She’s reportedly happy to continue playing the role of Clara.

“It’s wonderful. I get a whole other series of stories with the Doctor and I think for me I couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved and there is so much more to do.

I think they’ve finally just reached a point where they really understand each other.

The arrival of the 12th doctor has just kind of dropped this whole bombshell and allowed the dynamic to totally change, so I think just when Clara was feeling more comfortable in the relationship, it has suddenly thrown something new up.”

Doctor Who fans took to Twitter tweeting with the hashtag #dwsr, which stands for “Doctor Who Set Reports,” and shared their excitement in seeing photos from the set. They even seem to love the stunt man, too.

“Love the stunt guy on the motorbike wearing Clara’s dress,” tweeted one Doctor Who fan.

Are you excited to see photos from the set of Doctor Who?

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

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