What Michael Keaton Did After His Best Actor Loss Will Crush ‘Birdman’ Supporters

For anyone that was paying attention to the Oscar race, Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne were neck and neck throughout the awards season. When Redmayne looked like he had it in the bag earlier in the season, Keaton emerged and won a Critics Choice Award. By the time the Golden Globes rolled around, Keaton and Redmayne both took home honors, as that particular award show split the Best Actor categories up by Comedy and Drama.

It was anyone’s game when the Academy Awards came around. Since it was the final awards ceremony, and the race was extremely close, it turns out Keaton did have a speech prepared. Although Michael Keaton was a good sport about Eddie Redmayne taking home the trophy for The Theory of Everything, Birdman enthusiasts can’t help but feel like the loss was even greater after a Vine of the actor subtly reacting to the loss went viral.

Right after Redmayne’s name was announced as Best Actor, a wide shot panned over the audience, and one clever viewer caught a heartbreaking moment. The Birdman actor is seen standing next to his son, with his acceptance speech in his hand. Keaton realizes that he didn’t win the award, and quickly looked down, clearly disappointed, and then stuffed his acceptance speech in his suit. The moment is quick and most likely a lot of people missed it, but now it’s looped forever to break your heart.

Here’s the moment of Michael Keaton realizing he didn’t win for Birdman.

Some people seemed split on his reaction.

What do you think of the surprising moment? Was it unnecessary for Keaton to take out his speech before the winner was announced? Do you think this is the saddest moment of the Oscars?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison]

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