WWE News: WWE NXT Star Solomon Crowe Frees Woman From Overturned SUV

WWE has been known to be charitable over the years. We of course have heard of their anti-bullying campaign as well as their major presence in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, sometimes things just happen in an instant that can bring the human good out of someone, and this time that just to happen to occur in WWE NXT star Solomon Crowe.

According to Daily Wrestling News, a car accident went down near Crowe as he was at a store near the WWE Performance Center. He was there after he was done with practice for the day. He heard a crash and went to the scene along with another person who saw it. Both men then saw a woman in an overturned SUV, which had jumped a curb and hit a tree before flipping.

The men had to to pry open the door because the airbags had deployed and they couldn’t see in the SUV. She was finally removed from the vehicle and both men sat with her until paramedics and police arrived.

Crowe told WWE.com about the ordeal…

“I didn’t even think when I saw it, I was wearing sandals, and I just took off in a full sprint toward the car. I knew especially if a car’s upside down like that, it can catch fire very easily, and whoever was in it, we wanted to get them out. I would hope someone would do the same for me. That’s how I think about it.”

He also tweeted about it, saying via his Twitter page….

“There was a wreck in front of me…Pulled a young lady out of an upside down car today… Mind blown…. Right place, right time!”

Crowe certainly was a good guy for helping get her out of the vehicle. He and the other man could be considered heroes for helping her, because as Crowe said, the vehicle could have caught fire and exploded. A life would have been lost, but thankfully it was not.

While there is no current update on the woman, it is said that she was alright leaving the scene.

Obviously Crowe is a WWE NXT star, so as a public figure he will get attention for helping the young lady. However, not thinking of his own well-being he risked a lot to go and help her. That takes a lot of guts and heart, which is something the world needs more of. It is also something WWE will like and it wouldn’t be surprising if we heard about this on WWE programming.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]