‘X-Men: Magneto Cat’ Strongly Suggests You Feed Him Wet Food Right Meow [Video]

Magneto Cat is not a kitty you want angry with you. As evidenced in the YouTube viral video, this furry master of magnetism doesn’t want dry food, and he’ll let you know the hard way.

This is the latest in a series of X-Men based cat videos from Kaipotainment, where the host uses props, his cat, and some rather impressive special effects to give you the impression that his cat has super powers.

Previous superheroes this cat video host has turned his furry friend into were Thor, Wolverine, Professor X, and Cyclops. All of them end with disastrous results the same as “X-Men: Magneto Cat.”

The host of the series begins by putting some dry cat food in a metallic bowl, which is ordinary enough until you see the bowl start to shake. The bowl then rises and floats over to the cat, who takes one look and then dumps the food all over the floor. A Magneto helmet drops onto the cat’s head, and the silverware drawer shakes open.

The host of Kaipotainment has no choice but to run as a bunch of silverware and a knife start flying at him. Making his way outside, he makes a quick phone call.

“Weapon M is out of control. Initiate fail-safe protocol.”

Next we see a jet flying over some mountains and unleashing a series of missiles, all aimed at the house.

Anyone who’s seen X-Men: First Class can predict what happens next, as the cat sees the missiles coming and starts making them explode one by one. The last one ends up losing its trajectory and receiving a new target.

The host is waiting by his car as he watches the final missile turn and take him out.

When Magneto Cat wants food, as Kaipotainment has shown us, you had better make it the wet canned food, or possibly chicken. The consequences of doing otherwise can be fatal.

[Image via YouTube]