Meghan Trainor Gives Some Must Read Dating Advice

A bevy of stars got together to give MTV UK some dating advice, including the “All About That Bass” pop star, Meghan Trainor.

Trainor was just one of many musicians and film stars who wanted to share some dos and don’ts for first dates. So what exactly was Trainor’s advice for a first date? What shouldn’t you do?

Trainor began by saying, “If you’re on a first date, you should just chill and get to known each other.”

What does Trainor suggest you not do?

“You don’t have to start talking about, ‘Oh, we’re together now because we just ate food together.’ That’s crazy. Don’t do that!”

That sounds like some pretty sound advice from the “Lips Are Movin” singer.

Trainor went on to add some very important advice.

“Don’t burp or fart on a first date. That’s like number one…don’t do that!”

Trainor wasn’t the only one so open and honest about giving advice for first dates. “Let Me Love You” singer, Neyo, advised, “Wait ’til the second date to do anything physical.”

“Ghost” popstar, Ella Henderson, added that you really shouldn’t “eat something that gives you the worst bad breath” like “garlic.”

And then there was Johnny Depp who advised viewers that what you don’t want to do on a first date is “don’t kill them.”

While Trainor joined all these stars to give dating advice, it wasn’t that long ago that she was the one asking for it.

According to E!, when stopped by Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on February 8, Trainor shared the dating advice that the Bronx’s own Jennifer Lopez gave her.

Trainor shared that J.Lo told her to “be very picky and know what you deserve.” And that’s when Trainor’s father, who was her date, added, “That’s why I’m here!”

When not worrying about dating advice, giving or getting, Trainor has been taking her show on the road, touring all around the country to rave reviews.

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@meghan_trainor is a superstar.. Couldn’t be more proud #thatbasstour video cred: @ashwolk @ El Rey…

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Also, Meghan Trainor is set to appear on the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards on March 28.

[Photo Courtesy of Chris Weeks/Getty Images]