Sentimental Rockers, Linkin Park, Share Free Track With Fans

It’s hard to think that a rock group could be sentimental, but that’s exactly what Linkin Park is. Linkin Park has released a free track as a thank you to all of their fans.

Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda went online to share his gratitude with the group’s fans, saying “We made something cool the other day, and we wanted you to have it. Here’s a special unreleased acoustic version of Final Masquerade,” according to AntiMusic.

Shinoda went on to explain why Linkin Park wanted to release specifically an acoustic version of the song.

“Stripping it down to bare bones brought the sentiment of the song right to the surface. Thanks for all your support over the past couple months – we hope you enjoy the song.”

Linkin Park guitarist, Brad Deslon, added, “In this stripped-down intimate version, the words and storytelling lead the way. I loved working on this special recording of ‘Final Masquerade’, and we’re excited to share it with our fans.”

So why exactly did Linkin Park need their fans support over the last few months?

Linkin Park released their latest album, The Hunting Party, in June of 2014. The rock group was ready to start promoting and touring, when Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, suffered an ankle injury.

While Linkin Park were able to perform some shows at the end of 2014, they had to cancel the remainder of their tour in January because, in a statement as seen on Rolling Stone, Chester said that he needed “to take the proper time to assess the severity of my injury and apologize for any disappointment this has caused.”

The “In the End” rockers were proud of their latest musical venture and how it departed from their previous albums with Bennington saying, “We can write a thousand ‘Iridescents’ and, as great as they are, it’s going to be boring.”

Shinoda added that with this album, “I was thinking, ‘Oh, sh*t. Rock radio’s not gonna play this, are they? We can’t rely on a home run at radio. But I’m always up for a challenge. Besides, I believe in the music.”

Want your thank you gift for supporting Linkin Park while lead singer Bennington is recuperating? You can download Linkin Park’s acoustic version of “Final Masquerade” on the band’s website.

Linkin Park will continue touring in June of this year.

[Photo Courtesy of Beth Gwinn/Getty Images]