Brace Yourself: Steam Machine VR Is Coming, Will Be Revealed Next Week

Valve’s Steam Machine VR is set to take on the industry trend which began with Oculus Rift. It appears PlayStation 4 isn’t the only console with solid plans to introduce VR goggles into gaming.

PC gamers are entering what could be the next level of video gaming, as eyewear appears to be making itself known and leaving that whole 1080p 60fps console benchmark in the proverbial dust. PC titles that use higher resolution have been around for years, and have led to the popular phrase “PC master race” whenever the PS4 and Xbox One are even mentioned. The video game consoles are still struggling to reach that benchmark.

The Steam Machine console is different. Most of the manufacturers of the device will allow you to swap out parts and make it more powerful over time, while the PS4 (with some eventual help from Nyko) only lets you swap out the hard drive for something more roomy. It might be possible to swap a bigger hard drive into the Xbox One, but you’ll need plenty of tools and programming know-how to make it work.

Not only will Steam Machine VR support upgrade-able graphics and performance, but it’ll put it all right in front of your eyes, while still putting the controller in your hand.

The Steam Machine controller has gone through several incarnations since its reveal, but Valve’s version of it will be revealed alongside its VR goggles in March at the Game Developers’ Conference. The Oculus Rift will allegedly work with the Steam Machine, but Valve is obviously making its own alternative.

According to Wired, Valve is currently seeking VR content creators, and is planning to show its SteamVR hardware to developers and publishers behind closed doors. Sadly, this means it’ll be a little longer before the press and the public sees the new Steam Machine VR and finalized controller.

The GDC is expected to take place March 4–6, where Valve will have a significant appearance.

Are you excited about the possibility of SteamVR, Valve’s own version of the Oculus Rift?

[Image via The Verge]