‘The Bachelor’ Recap And Spoilers: Chris Soules Soothes Virgin Becca Plus Thorns In Rose Ceremony [Video]

The Bachelor has become one of the most popular shows for heated debates among its legendarily loyal fans, comparable only to hot fudge sundaes topped with extra whipped cream when it comes to guilty pleasures. And when it’s Fantasy Suites time for three potential wives of gentleman farmer Chris Soules, it’s also fireworks time, pointed out Time.

Chris kissed many women before he selected three potential mates to travel with him to beautiful Bali and the Fantasy Suites. Whitney, the fertility nurse, has potential for many children to frolic on that farm, while Kaitlyn is known for her grace as a dance instructor and rapper. But then Becca may stand out to gentleman Chris, not only because as a chiropractic specialist she can ease the knots in his back from too many sessions in the corral, but also because she’s a virgin (and a very vocal virgin at that.)


Who will he choose – and how will kind Chris soothe Becca with what’s supposed to happen in those Fantasy Suites?

Keeping the viewers waiting to see what happens, Kaitlyn and Whitney first had their individual excursions with Chris before they received their magic keys to fantasy. It should be noted that fantasy on The Bachelor is defined as a really luxurious hotel room, not a Disneyland ride with singing puppets.

And then came Becca, who finally informs Chris that she has vowed to herself to wait until she is married to have sex. At that point, life gets confusing for Becca, Chris, and the viewers.

“I respect that?” Chris says with a question in his voice.

Becca seems to hesitate as well, implying that she might not be waiting to march down the aisle.

As is the way on The Bachelor (since it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey), it’s suddenly morning and time for a one-on-one man talk between Chris Harrison and Chris, the Gentleman Farmer. The two have a chin-chin before it’s time for the big Rose Ceremony.

Whitney gets a rose, and beams. And then, will it be Becca or Kaitlyn who is kicked to the curb? It’s farewell Kaitlyn time, as Becca tries not to gloat when she takes her rose.

So what will happen next week, when the women reveal everything? Meredith Vieira tried to get the answers and some spoilers from Chris Harrison, host of TheBachelor, on her show on February 23.

Confessing without shame that she’s a happy addict, Meredith asked Chris about the issue of having a virgin on a shown known for promoting sexual encounters, as well as who kissed the most.

“They are very different virgins on the virgin scale,” Harrison said ambiguously. “Chris Soules is a man let loose from a locked barn, so he is constantly kissing.”

When Meredith called Kelsey a nut job, Harrison tried to respond politely.

“What you see is what you get,” he mused. “I find her fascinating. The deeper you get, the scarier it gets.”

After so many seasons, Meredith asked Chris who he would like his daughter to date.

“Sean the bachelor,” said Harrison promptly.

But not Soules, added Harrison, because he was making out too much for his own daughter.

And at the end of the day, does Harrison still believe in the premise of the show?

“I believe in couples, and I’m always surprised when they break up,” confessed the divorced bachelor host of The Bachelor.

As the Inquisitr reported, however, Harrison has no desire to become the star of The Bachelor and seek romance on reality TV himself.

“Once I got divorced, there was this knee-jerk reaction to get back in the action and date. I think there’s something wrong in that. I’m incredibly, stunningly happy. What gave me angst was relationships.”

He may want to wait to apprise Chris Soules of that view until after the final show.

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