Neil Patrick Harris Swears He Didn’t Stuff His Underwear For ‘Birdman’ Homage

It’s probably the most important question to come out of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony: Did host Neil Patrick Harris stuff his underwear?

Harris visited Live With Kelly and Michael at their post-Oscars morning show – in fact only hours after the awards ceremony finished the night before. Reflecting on the evening, Ripa announced that her favorite part was Neil’s appearance on stage in only a pair of tighty-whities, the New York Daily News reported.

Stranhan immediately suggested he was a bit skeptical of Harris’… assets.

“I gotta ask (Neil) if he put some padding.”

And Harris was more than happy to set the record straight on the Oscars secret.

“With the lights, they see through things. We had to do something so you couldn’t tell my religion. They had to take a second pair of underwear and sew it to the first so you couldn’t see through it. But, no sock.”

In case the reason behind Neil Patrick Harris’ onstage skivvies strut has been forgotten in all the Oscar excitement, Harris’ stunt was an homage to the Oscar-winning film Birdman.

It went down like this, according to E! Online: In the first hour of the Oscars ceremony, producers went on the hunt for their humorous host, finding Harris chilling backstage in a fancy robe. Then, of course, he decided to strip down and make his way to the stage. On his way, he passed by actor and musician Miles Teller – jamming on the drums.

“Not my tempo,” he said, then emerged in the now infamous underpants and black socks to match.

Two days after the buzzworthy Oscars, people are not only debating the truth behind Neil Patrick Harris’ underwear, they’re pretty much panning his hosting job, accusing Neil of peppering the evening with lame jokes and ill-conceived puns, some critics have said. Which leaves Harris’ underwear bit, perhaps, as the highlight of his evening.

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