Kylie Jenner Is Done With The Kardashian House — You’ll Never Believe How Much She Dropped On Her New Digs

Kylie Jenner might not yet be a woman at just six months shy of her eighteenth birthday, but that hasn’t stopped her from rolling out some pretty adult purchases. Kylie has reportedly just dropped $2.7 million on a new house just a few blocks from where her sisters Kim and Khloe take up residence, according to TMZ.

That now Kardashian-filled land where Jenner is moving in is in the high-class Calabasas gated community The Oaks north of Los Angeles. Despite being far from the central action of the L.A. party scene, the ritzy oasis has long been a destination for the young, rich and famous — likely for the exclusive privacy that the location offers, something that Kylie no doubt values at this point in her closely scrutinized public and private life.

Some of Jenner’s neighbors in the area have at some point included Justin Bieber, Drake, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jennifer Lopez. In addition to these more prominent residents, The Oaks and other gated communities throughout Calabasas have become constant fixtures of reality TV shows including Kylie and her family’s series, The Osbournes, and Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica. In fact, the area has become so associated with Jenner’s crowd that a piece appeared in Grantland last year analyzing why young, filthy rich people like Kylie want to spend their downtime in a relatively quiet setting.

“That faux-coastal Italian architectural style is associated with wealth, but a specific type of wealth: so-called “new money.” Calabasas draws a certain type of American star, for whom excess itself is a performance. Drake, Bieber, and the Kardashians [and Jenner]— and, let’s face it, Kanye — enjoy making a show of their wealth. What better way to display your spending than to live in the modern-day equivalent of a castle, protected by a moat of security guards?… Rather than pretend they lust after a minimalist mid-century modern house in the L.A. hills, they’re just being honest about what image they really want to project: an ostentatious display of wealth.”

Of course, Kylie isn’t hurting for cash, but a multi-million dollar purchase might still be difficult for a 17-year-old to pull off. TMZ reported that Kris Jenner will be helping her out with meeting the price for the new home. The site also described Kylie’s new house as having a “sick home theater, a pool, 5 bedrooms, an awesome kitchen, and on and on.”

Do you think Kylie Jenner is too young to be dropping so much on a house?

[Image via Rob Kim/Getty Images]