Twitter Chairman confirms turning down $500 million Facebook offer

Did they or didn’t they? Back in November it was reported that Twitter turned down a $500 million offer from Facebook, but as far as we know the story was never confirmed. Until now.

Michael Brunnbauer (GQ_Germany on Twitter) asked former Twitter CEO, now simply Twitter’s chairman Jack Dorsey about the deal, writing:

@jack Last Question: Facebook offered you 500 Mio. Dollar – you and your partners refused the offer. Why?

The response:

@GQ_Germany It wasn’t meant to be at this time.

Of course Dorsey could just be saying a deal with Facebook wasn’t meant to be as opposed to confirming the $500 million (although he makes no attempt to deny the figure either), but either way the tweets confirm the talks, and the offer being turned down.

The question and answer above and below, and thanks to Drew Olanoff for the tip.