Heart-Warming Comcast Ad Features ‘Emily’s Oz’: Blind Girl Imagines ‘Wizard Of Oz’ In Her Mind [Video]

Comcast may have done the impossible by overshadowing a stream of bad press with one emotionally powerful commercial called “Emily’s Oz.” The Comcast ad was featured during the 2015 Academy Awards and immediately went viral. In the ad we are introduced to seven-year-old Emily, who is legally blind. The ad claims that everyone has a favorite movie and provides a glimpse at what one movie, the Wizard of Oz, looks like in the mind of Emily.

Emily’s Oz may have only been a commercial, but many say it was certainly Academy-Awards worthy. Young Emily explains what the characters of the Wizard of Oz look like in her head. People Magazine notes that a crew of professional artists and film producers were brought in to bring Emily’s Oz to life. Emily describes in vivid detail some interesting features of her Oz characters.

“I think about the shape. I think about color. I also think about sound. I take it into my brain and I think about… ‘What would it look like to me?’”

Emily’s Oz characters include a Tin Man who has a “big toe the size of a house” and a Cowardly Lion that’s the “size of a toy poodle” and has “webbed feet.” She says the lion is “very scared of everything.”

“My Scarecrow has wooden teeth and his fingernails are very long! And Dorothy. She looks like me!”

The advertisement was used to introduce Comcast’s new Xfinity talking guide. The talking guide will be a first of its kind and will help the visually impaired have more independence when it comes to channel surfing. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts tells the Wall Street Journal that he was “incredibly moved” by the commercial himself and “couldn’t be more proud of how the team has brought Emily’s story to life.”

What do you think of Emily’s Oz? Does the Comcast commercial change your perception of the company?