Jon Stewart Loses Push-Up Contest, Gives $20,000 to Charity [Video]

Last night on “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart made a bet that he knew he couldn’t win. Stewart entered into a push-up contest with Paula Broadwell, who attended West Point, competes in triathlons, and worked the last year as a journalist in Afghanistan, that would see the loser donate money to the charity Team Red, White and Blue.

Needless to say, Stewart lost.

But he didn’t do as bad as you might think. Stewart did 40 push-ups in a row at the end of “The Daily Show” last night. Paula stopped at 60, but probably could have done another 100.

Paula said:

“I proposed that we both do push-ups and whoever loses has to pay $1000 to make up for the push-up gap… How much money are you willing to give up? Because I can do like a hundred.”

Stewart enrolled the help of Paula’s husband Scott, but it doesn’t look like anyone counted Scott’s push-ups.

The Military Times reports that Stewart’s weary arms managed to write a check shortly after the contest to Team Red White and Blue, which supports wounded veterans.

Here’s the video of the push-up contest on “The Daily Show.” (NSFW – Language)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Are you impressed with Jon Stewart’s push-up abilities?